Room Redo- Part 1

Hi there! Last weekend we tackled a bigger project in our home- we started to redo a room! We’ve previously used this room mostly for storage, so it was pretty cluttered. We plan on making into a hangout room. Before we moved in, the previous owners had covered the wood floors in a thin layer […]

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Back to School Pencil Case

Have I mentioned that I’m rarely on time? All too often, I find myself sprinting through campus trying to get to school, only to arrive sweat- covered and panting to first period. Not an attractive way to start the school day. So as another sign of my lateness, I made my pencil case for school […]

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Lace Dream Catchers

I’ve made several of these lace dream catchers throughout the summer, and here’s the final product! They’re pretty simple to make, but also a little time consuming, especially as there is some hand sewing at the end.  

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