Room Redo- Part 1

Hi there! Last weekend we tackled a bigger project in our home- we started to redo a room! We’ve previously used this room mostly for storage, so it was pretty cluttered. We plan on making into a hangout room.
Before we moved in, the previous owners had covered the wood floors in a thin layer of white paint. But unfortunately, over the years the paint has begun to peel up, leaving our floors looking a little like this.IMG_5195-1.JPG
Originally, we were thinking that we would just repaint the floors with another coat of white paint. But upon a visit to Home Depot, we found out that you could rent a floor sander, and we decided to pick up all the paint and try to go back to the original wood floors. Our sander looked a little bit like this, and it cost about $60 for a day rental. On top of that were also costs for the sanding pads. In all, it probably ended up being $100, plus all of the time we put into it. It was probably a lot cheaper than hiring someone to sand the floors, but it was definitely a lot more work than we expected!


So here’s what we learned about sanding our floors.
– It’s kind of a two person job, one person to sand and another to be pretty consistently sweeping up the piles of dust on the floor
– The guy at Home Depot said 36 grit sandpaper would probably pull up all the paint, but we found out that it came up well with 20 grit
– It takes a LOT of time. We spent almost all day sanding, and it’s tiring too!
– Masks, or at least bandanas are pretty much necessary to keep the dust out of you mouth. Goggles or glasses work great too to keep the dust out of your eyes! We opened all the windows to the outside, but a lot of dust was still floating around in the room
-Sanding doesn’t always work great if you have uneven floors, which we found out the hard way. Even after all the sanding, there was still a ton of paint on the floors from where it was uneven. We’re now planning to go back over the floors with liquid paint remover to get it all up. After that we’ll still need at least two layers of polyurethane

IMG_5198.JPG Our floors even after all the sanding

IMG_5197-0.JPG Piles of dirt everywhere!
So we’ve obviously taken on bigger of a project than we originally imagined it to be! But hopefully we’ll get it done over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, we’ll hopefully be able to complete some smaller decorative projects for the room!

2 thoughts on “Room Redo- Part 1

  1. Looks awesome! I think I would have been tempted to repaint too–it reminds me of the floors of an old home I grew up in. I can’t wait to see the finished job. Thanks for sharing!


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