DIY Alex and Ani Bracelets

Clearly, I’ve fallen a bit behind. The start of school and after school sports got the best of me, and I’ve been scrambling for free time the past few weeks. But, as long ago promised, here’s the tutorial for DIY Alex and Ani Bracelets!

I found these charms at the end of August at the Baltimore Summer Antiques show. I have loved going for the past couple of years, because I get to ogle all the pretty antiques and grab some inspiration!


Things needed for this project are thick wire (I used 16 gauge), jewelry pliers, and charms. DSC05651

I cut the wire to about a size and a half around my wrist, and put the charm on first. Curl the wire around in a circle, and then bend the two ends, one upwards and one downwards


Then using the round pliers, turn the ends into a curl, but don’t close completely.


Move the ends of the wire on top of each other, with one curl facing upwards and one curl facing downwards.


Then, hook the two curls together and close completely.


Tada! The bracelets are finished! The clasp now allows you to make the bracelet a little bigger or smaller to fit over your wrist.


DSC05694Thanks so much for checking this out! My goal from now on is to post in a more timely fashion! I have a couple of things in the works right now, including a bigger project; a room redo!

As always, contact me or leave a comment with any questions or if anything is unclear. And don’t be shy, hit that follow button up there!

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