Lace Dream Catchers

I’ve made several of these lace dream catchers throughout the summer, and here’s the final product! They’re pretty simple to make, but also a little time consuming, especially as there is some hand sewing at the end.  DSC06942

Basic supplies include a sewing machine or needles and thread, round hoops, and random swatches of lace and white fabric dug out from grandmas closet/ various goodwills/ that old shirt that your mom bought you in the sixth grade and you never wore. An embroidery needle and thicker floss are also helpful for this project. Oh, and scissors. Always scissors.


Ideally, I probably would have used thicker wire or embroidery hoops for the outside rings for the dream catchers. Instead, I grabbed some jewelry wire and a pair of pliers and formed together some mostly circular wire hoops.


After patching together what I thought I wanted the lace to look like, I sewed together the pieces using a sewing machine and clear thread.


I wasn’t especially careful to cut specific circles originally, so they looked a little like this.

Now unfortunately we’ll skip ahead a couple of steps in the photos, (mostly because I did this next part on a ferry).

I cut the fabric roughly to the size of the circle and hand sewed around the edges with white thread and an embroidery needle. I also hand sewed various lengths of long lace pieces from the bottom, and attached floss at the top to hang them with.



And on to the final step: hang from pretty trees and take photos. Garden party, anyone?

Well thank you to the (I’m sure very few) people who checked this out. I figure if nothing else, It will become a spot to record what I’ve worked on and hopefully keep me motivated for more crafty things!

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