Music and Study Spaces 

For me, room rearranging is the ultimate procrastination tool. As such, a growing to do list last weekend meant that I gladly ignored it all and started pushing furniture around. I got together a new study space just in time for school and got my records and instruments all in one space to create  a […]

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Arm Knit Scarf 

I’ve made this arm knit scarf a few times now, all as gifts for family and friends. It’s definitely one of the most clear and helpful tutorials I’ve come accross, all from the lovely Flax and Twine! It can be completed in an hour and is super warm- perfect for when your still getting snow […]

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Film Photos- Geneseo, NY

So we have family who live in Geneseo and around that area in New York. We went up to visit them probably in March or early April, and of course it was still freezing. It even snowed while we were there! On the way around town we found an old abandoned train and silos. Having […]

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Learning Calligraphy

I’ve been wanting to learn calligraphy for a long time now, and a snow day gave me the time to start! I had no clue where to begin, so I turned to Julie Blanner’s How To Learn Calligraphy guide. It was extremely helpful, and her grids and worksheets were perfect for learning as a complete […]

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2014 in review

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy 2015 full of creativity and lovely blogging! 🙂 Happy New Year! My 2014 in review: Here’s an excerpt: A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 290 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 5 trips to carry that […]

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Room Redo- Part 1

Hi there! Last weekend we tackled a bigger project in our home- we started to redo a room! We’ve previously used this room mostly for storage, so it was pretty cluttered. We plan on making into a hangout room. Before we moved in, the previous owners had covered the wood floors in a thin layer […]

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DIY Alex and Ani Bracelets

Clearly, I’ve fallen a bit behind. The start of school and after school sports got the best of me, and I’ve been scrambling for free time the past few weeks. But, as long ago promised, here’s the tutorial for DIY Alex and Ani Bracelets! I found these charms at the end of August at the […]

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Back to School Pencil Case

Have I mentioned that I’m rarely on time? All too often, I find myself sprinting through campus trying to get to school, only to arrive sweat- covered and panting to first period. Not an attractive way to start the school day. So as another sign of my lateness, I made my pencil case for school […]

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Friday Favorites

Hey there! I’m going to try to start posting various things that I’ve seen and liked around the web during the week. Here are my Friday Favorites! 1. This lace- backed bralette from Tatiana’s Threads on Etsy

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Lace Dream Catchers

I’ve made several of these lace dream catchers throughout the summer, and here’s the final product! They’re pretty simple to make, but also a little time consuming, especially as there is some hand sewing at the end.  

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